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HARRY POTTER HISTORY MEME: one villain [1/1] → Lord Voldemort

When I first met young Mr. Riddle, he was a quiet albeit brilliant boy, committed to becoming a first rate wizard. Not unlike others I’ve known. Not unlike yourself. If the monster existed it was buried deep within.

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Secrets & Lies (Part 6)

AN: Sorry for a late update and a short chapter.  It was originally going to be longer but this felt like a good stopping point and I wanted it out there for you guys.

After the induction at Hartford, Shawn was hopeful that Aly had reconsidered telling Mark.  Unfortunately, she was very wrong.  After talking with Mark, Aly’s desire to keep the secret only strengthened.

“He’s doing so much with his life right now, Shawn.  He’s really making it big and he’s finally making music.  How am I supposed to take that away from him?”

Shawn could see where Aly was coming from.  But that didn’t mean she liked it.  With Aly’s bump getting bigger and Mark not being on the show, it was getting harder for Shawn to just get away and fly to New York.  She didn’t know how, but Shawn made it work.  Aly’s bump may have been growing, but it was still small enough to conceal under a large sweatshirt.  Thank God it was Fall in New York.  But Shawn was still afraid of how she was going to get away during the DWTS off season, especially when those months would be when Aly would need her the most.  Things were starting to get hard to do on her own.

Considering how much secret keeping Shawn had been doing, it had been really easy to hide all of these issues from Aly.  So when Shawn took Aly to a doctor’s appointment, she put on her calm mask.

Dr. Montgomery, had run a couple of tests on Aly plus a second ultrasound.  Aly almost burst into tears when she saw that her baby, though still small due to early months of pregnancy, was a lot more defined as a baby than her first ultrasound.  Still too small to really tell gender, but no longer a peanut in shape or size.

It was about an hour later that the doctor finished up with the appointment.  “Ok Aly, your blood pressure is good and the baby looks healthy.  Since you’re about to enter your second trimester, the baby should be out of the danger zone for a miscarriage.  At Shawn’s request, I set up your prenatal vitamins.  I’m going to pick them up for you right now.”

“Thank you so much, doctor.”  Dr. Montgomery had also been a godsend.  Not only was she picking up all the needed medications for Aly, but she had given the two of them Lamaze and birthing tips every once in a while during check-ups.

As Aly was cleaning her belly and pulling her shirt down, the doctor passed by Shawn who was organizing their stuff.  She gave Shawn a curious look.  Shawn looked up from the papers she was organizing to see Dr. Montgomery staring at her.  “Yes doctor?”

Dr. Montgomery lifted Shawn’s chin with two fingers and stared at her face with a studying and sharp eye.  “Ms. Johnson have you been getting enough sleep, rest, fluids maybe?”

Shawn’s eyes widened.  “Umm…I’m fine.”

The doctor gave her a pointed look.  “Your eyes say otherwise and your face seems tired.”

Shawn glanced at Aly who had a worried expression.  So she just sighed and told the truth.  “I might not…have been getting enough sleep…lately.”

The doctor nodded believing what Shawn said.  “Ok…I’m going to prescribe you some sleeping pills, Ms. Johnson.  Considering you are the primary caretaker of Aly and her baby, you need to keep healthy as well.  When I see you both next time and you’re still not sleeping well, I’ll prescribe you anti-anxiety medication.  But for right now, sleeping pills should do the trick.  I’ll be back with the medication in a few minutes and then I’ll see you both in a month.”

When the doctor closed the door, Aly immediately started hounding Shawn.  “Why didn’t you tell me you haven’t been sleeping?”

“I didn’t want to worry you.  I’ve been traveling a lot, Derek’s still doing the show, and…It’s just getting a little harder is all.  I mean, Mark keeps asking for you too.”

“He has?”  Aly was surprised by that.  But still slightly happy.

Shawn nodded.  “Yes, he has.  He wants to know when he’ll see you again and what you’re doing.  I don’t know why you think he doesn’t care about you because he obviously does.”

Aly knew that.  Before she thought he was just concerned with the whole sleeping with her thing, but now she genuinely knew Mark cared.  She didn’t want to admit it but she might even be in love with him.  “I know he cares.”

“Then why won’t you tell him the truth?”  Shawn was distressed and confused.

“Because he has a good life right now.  I’m not gonna ruin that for him.”

“But – “

Aly gave her an equally distressed look.  “Please Shawn.  I promised I’d think about it, okay?  So maybe one day, just not this soon.”

Shawn knew that was the best she was going to get so she dropped the matter of Mark.  “What about your parents?”

Aly frowned and shrugged.  “They’re still out of the country.  I’m not sure when they get back but I’ll probably tell them when they do.”

Shawn gave a small smile.  At least Aly was willing to tell somebody.  When the doctor returned with their medication, the two gymnasts left her office easily and unnoticed.

They had been doing that a lot lately, slipping in and out of places unnoticed.  They were getting really good at it and no one suspected a thing.  Thank God for uncaring New Yorkers.

Shawn had covered all of their bases and they had done so well it was almost too good to be true.  Unfortunately, it was too good to be true.  Shawn did come back the next month.  But that month was November, the last month of season 17, the month for the Day of Giving charity event.  So many many risks, but Shawn came anyway.  She made it work.  But after getting off her plane at JFK, she realized that there was one minor detail she didn’t take into account…

“Shawn!”…the one person who would be in New York even more than Shawn. 

Shawn turned around praying it wasn’t who she knew that voice belonged to.  Unfortunately, it was.  “Julianne!”

Shawn and Julianne exchanged hugs but Shawn was worried.  She was caught in a state she wasn’t supposed to be in by the sister of the man she loved. 

This job just got a thousand times harder.

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In case you’re on the fence about buying from the IveGotADreamBowtique.

Don’t be.

Keep watch for these soon to be added to the store.

Remember to send me pics of you wearing them if you buy!

In case you’re on the fence about buying from the IveGotADreamBowtique.

Don’t be.

Keep watch for these soon to be added to the store.

Remember to send me pics of you wearing them if you buy!

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I’ll Come Running To You

Summary: “Little White Lie” and “The Bully Book” crossover.  Eric Hastings is in high school now and he’s still the grunt.  It takes help from unusual people who knows what it’s like to have a tough time in Arborland High.  These people help him to realize that there’s always a friend around to help and that he’s not alone.

AN: I’m transferring all of my StarKid fics from my fanfiction account to here.  I wrote this before Eric Kahn Gale released “Little White Lie Season 2.”  It’s based on the song “Sydney (I’ll Come Running)” by Brett Dennen.

Sydney, whenever you feel unhappy
All you gotta do is call me
I can make you laugh

Eric Haskins was very proud of himself.  Since finding the legendary “Bully Book,” he was able to stop incoming bullies and newbie grunts.  But he wasn’t a kid anymore.  This wasn’t sixth grade.  This wasn’t middle school.  He may have prevented new bullies and grunts, but even so, Eric Haskins, now high school freshman, was still the grunt of the class.  And being a ninth grade grunt was even worse than being the sixth grade grunt.

Nothing good ever came from being a grunt.

Sydney, I know that you were wrongly accused
I hope you don’t lose your sense of humor
Allegations made in the schoolyard
Soccer moms gossip in the dog park
Their bark is worse than their bite

Despite the differences, there were good and bad things about being at Arborland High.  Yeah, people still made fun of him, they still spread rumors about him, and they basically made his life pretty miserable…they just became a little more creative with it since entering high school.  But despite that, in general, the first two years suck for the sake of being underclass.  But if you can make it to 11th grade, then it wasn’t as bad but you’ll realize it’s a whole different battle to face.

In Arborland Middle, if you were the grunt of the grade, everyone in the school knew.  And everyone in the school would remind you of it.  In Arborland High, only the underclassmen cared.  Once you were in 11th grade, the only thing that mattered was whether or not you had a band.  In this school, it’s all about being in a band.  Eric knew the only way to get rid of his grunt reputation was if he was in an amazing band.  But he also knew that if he didn’t have a band, he’d forever be remembered as the grunt of his class.  And he did not want to end up like Mr. Whitner – stuck in the place that started his torture.

No one wanted to be a grunt forever.

They’re only a couple of crazy cougars
They’re bored and spreading their desperate rumors
You know that

Another good thing about being in high school rather than middle school is that if you wanted to hide your nonacademic problems, you could.  As long as your grades were high enough to keep the school decently funded, school property wasn’t vandalized, and you generally stayed out of the principal’s way, the faculty didn’t really care what happened behind closed doors.  If you had a problem they weren’t obligated to visit you personally and then call your parents.  You had to go to them.  Something about “making you responsible for yourself.”

But Eric already knew that all too well.  For almost all of his sixth grade year, Eric had to fend off bullies by himself as well as search for this so called “bully book” almost entirely on his own.  Adults didn’t really care for him then, now that he’s a couple years older didn’t really make too much of a difference either.

But of course in a sea of people who don’t care, there was always someone who did.  Whether you wanted them or not, there were always saving graces.  And his came in the form of a five foot tall guidance counselor: Tanya Freemont.

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