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Hello, I missed you quite terribly

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Hey y’all.

I am currently having some money troubles. Since graduating college in June, I’ve been unable to secure employment. Out of the 35+ jobs, four temp agencies, and one training workshop I’ve applied for in the last three months, I’m only gotten one interview. I have now applied for Income Assistance, but that isn’t a sure thing. I’m also unable to receive a loan or credit card limit change from the bank because I have no steady income.

I need to be able to afford rent, medication, phone bill, high-quality cat food, and groceries, as well as pay off my credit card.

Since I’m in such trouble, I’m opening up embroidery commissions again. I am quite good, for someone who doesn’t do it professionally, and I take great pride in what I make. I have a store on etsy (as well as a tumblr) that is stocked with a few things already, some of which are available for customization.

I would ideally like to charge:

  • $10 for anything under 3”
  • $20-25 for anything 4” or 5”
  • $25-$35 for anything 6” or 7”
  • Plus shipping, which could be between $5 - $11.

These are open for negotiation. Please message me if you need to have a price readjusted.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Even if you can’t/don’t want to commission anything, signal boosting would mean a lot to me

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Give her some love starkids! I know you want and I know you will!

Spend couple hours on this: no regrets =)